Kaamos Group

Kaamos Group, the developer of Endla Ärimaja, is a local capital based company established in 2002. While it is based on traditions, it is always open for innovative solutions and holds true to the principle that every building deserves to be a sightseeing attraction and should create a harmonious blend with the surrounding environment.

Flexible solutions

Kaamos develops and builds its own real estate, which allows taking a customer’s preferences into consideration throughout the whole process, from drawing to finishing the real estate that has been well-thought up to every single detail.

Electra, Avala kvartal, Veskiposti 2, 10138 Tallinn
Phone: +372 663 0300
E-mail: info@kaamos.ee

AVALA Office Building

Avala symbolises spaciousness and resembles the starry sky at night. The stars Polaris, Sirius and Electra shine so bright up in the sky that they are seen further than the rest. The office buildings have been named after the stars and catch the eye both day and night. ELECTRA and POLARIS are the first to be completed in the Avala business quarter, reaching into heights with their 12 storeys and bringing prospects and dignity to the whole area. A little later, the third office building SIRIUS will appear next to them.

Find out about options www.avala.eu/en or ask more info from kristo.soitu@kaamos.ee

Tammsaare Business Centre

In addition to Endla Business Centre, Kaamos Group also offers different rental spaces in Tammsaare Business Centre.
The office building has a great location, excellent views and convenient parking possibilities. It also offers more than 24 000 m² of office space, a high-quality restaurant and more than 700 parking places.

Find out about options www.tammsaarearikeskus.ee or ask more info from kristo.soitu@kaamos.ee